Nitriding, conducted in gas (490 - 560°C) or plasma (400 - 590°C) for treatment times ranging up to 90 hours, involves the diffusion of nitrogen into the surface to produce a … Titanium atoms for coating synthesis are obtained via titanium evaporation in a hollow molybdenum anode of the discharge. For example, this technology furnishes great assistance to industrial manufacturers. Gamma prime compound layer for high wear resistance with high toughness Epsilon compound layer for high wear and corrosion resistance The load is set at a cathodic potential while the chamber is set at an anodic potential. Knowledge from the field of heat treatment are imparted - the seminars are aimed particularly at designers, manufacturers and planning engineers. MICROPULS® Procoat is the opti­mum system solution in the area of hard coatings and provides the most advant­ageous solution in the industrial value chain. There are many reports on the plasma nitriding [13,14,15,16,17,18] and gas nitriding [19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27] of titanium and its alloys. : +43 7242 66060 ● Fax: DW-3077 E-Mail:[at]rubig[dot]com. Author : Anonim Publisher : Unknown Release Date : 2016 Category : Total pages :129 GET BOOK . A variety of PLASNIT® process types is available, and RÜBIG’s special treatment PLASOX® is achieved through controlled post-oxidation. The RCC consists of the R&D, the Heat Treatment, the Qualitative Analysis and the Failure Analysis department. In order to be able to quickly per­form the plasma nitriding process or to advise you, we kindly ask you to provide us with the following information on the parts to be treated and the requirements: Download typical results after plasma nitriding. Since plasma nitriding is normally performed at lower treat­ment temperatures, it is the heat treatment with the lowest risk of deformation. This process can be used for a wide variety of applications. protection of an area of the part that one does not wish to nitride (simple metallic masks are sufficient for protecting the part). RÜBIG offers Sandblasting, Welding, Hardening, Tempering, Vibratory grinding, Magnetic particle detection, etc. Arnold-Sommerfeld-Ring 3 Plasma nitriding equipment consists of a vacuum vessel (retort), a pumping system to control the furnace pressure, a plasma generator and a cooling system. Our strength is the individual de­velopment of plasma nitriding processes in order to comply with your requirements in respect to nitriding case depth, compound layer thickness, corrosion protection and oxide layer thickness - for in­dividual parts up to large scale production. A list with the most common steels/materials and their achievable values in our standard processes can be found here. Plasma Nitriding is an established and successful process particularly important for precision machined parts. RÜBIG offers Hunting Knives, Knive Sharpeners and environmentally-friendly Anglers’ accessories made of steel. The largest in their fleet, the 60/80 has a lifting capacity of 100,000 lbs. Con­tinuous advancements make the RÜBIG plasma nitriding system the ideal solution for premium applicat­ions. Introduction. In this low-pressure process, a voltage is applied between the batch and the furnace wall. We provide our profound expertise in order to optimise or develop your components. In this section you can find Data and Facts about the RÜBIG Group. Learn more about our GASCON K2 here! Up to 5 years warranty. The PLAPOL layer with a diffusion thickness of 10-70 µm has a hardness exceeding 1,000 according to Vickers, a high resistance to wear and can be polished and is suited for repair welding. Due to the longstanding experience of the RÜBIG Die Forge, forgings are executed from sketch to finished drawings and subsequently mass produced. Individual plants as bell-type or pit-type furnaces: Bell-type plants are very operator-friendly; pit-type furnaces are exceptionally well suited to nitriding long, slim components that easily warp, such as … Due to the low harden­ing depth, we recommend the PLAPOL treatment only for quen­ched and tempered or harden­ed steels. Design. Individual plants as bell-type or pit-type furnaces: Bell-type plants are very operator-friendly; pit-type furnaces are exceptionally well suited to nitriding long, slim components that easily warp, such as spindles, extruder screws and shafts, or for automatic loading. PLASMA NITRIDING PROCESS. Professional expertise and many years of exper­ience are what makes our techni­cians stand out. The objective is (similar to nitriding) to embed atoms in the matrix of the steel without formation of com­pounds (e.g. Double-base systems as bell-type furnaces: Double-base systems enable you to use one base for nitriding while preparing the next batch on the other base. We recommend our PLASOX® treatment for com­pon­ents which require a certain cor­rosion protection and act as a friction partner for another hardened part. RÜBIG GmbH & Co KG Griesmühlstraße 10, 4614 Marchtrenk, AUSTRIA, Business hours (goods receiving department), ContactTel. We would be delighted to start by analysing your challenge in our in-house materials laboratory. More informations on request:[at]rubig[dot]com. The difference in potential thus created enables, under a sufficiently low pressure, the creation of a plasma dissociating the gaseous species. 1. air quen­ching, polymer quenching, water quen­ching). Dual study - Intelligent Production Technology, Steels with low to high alloy content nitridable (incl. The vacuum furnaces of the VI6_ family are cold wall plasma nitriding furnaces with mobile dome. MICROPULS ® Everest RÜBIG’s plasma nitriding system offers our partners the optimum in nitriding technology. Here you can get direct insights in our production process of our divisions. Our PLAPOL layer is introduced into the surface by means of a diffusion process at low temperatures. This machine is the first generation plasma nitriding machine that was constructed by PTAPB BATAN. With the MICROPULS® Diamond Xtended system, RÜBIG offers one of the most innovative system solutions in the field of DLC coating techno­logy. Nitriding is basically a surface hardening treatment. RÜBIG’s PLASNIT® processes are the ultimate in nitriding technology. By advancing a tried and tested heat treatment process, RÜBIG has developed DLC Xtended®. Require different dimensions? Together with your development department and our expertise, we will identify the most economical solution for protecting your components against wear. Maximum flexibility, best marks for wear and corrosion resistance, and optimized properties for gliding and rolling stress. Explore. Items we supply include: As standard, our systems are available in various sizes and can be integrated easily into your manufacturing. A glow discharge with a high ionisation level (plasma) is generated around the parts. offers 1,232 ion nitriding machine products., © Copyright | ELTRO GmbH | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | DESIGN & UMSETZUNG BY, Fully automated plasma nitriding of valves. How does a nitride layer arise? Click here for more information! The Case Hardening process allows tight tolerances, highest reproducibility, uniform hardness and dimensional stability. Plasma nitriding, known also as ion nitriding is a form of case hardening process. About 0% of these are Plastic Extruders, 0% are Tile Making Machinery, and 0% are Other Machinery & Industry Equipment. Ø500xH500 mm - Ø1050xH1500 mm 80 – 1500 kg Plasma nitriding is the technological peak of the nitriding procedure and provides considerable advantages as compared to the salt bath and gas nitriding. Surface analyses were performed using X-ray diffraction, nuclear reaction and scanning electron microscopy. Precise process control and outstanding quality standards ensure consistent hardness, high strength and an optimum component framework. Unorthodox solutions such as rotary furnace vacuum systems. Our customers benefit from over 20 years of development experience in the field of customized thermal treatment systems for a variety of sectors. Material & Damage Analysis, Hardness Measurements, Structural Assessments, Residual Austenite, Residual Stress Measurements & Corrosion Testing. On the surface area that is directly charged by the ions, nitrogen-rich nitrides are formed and decompose, releasing active nitrogen into the surface. Bodycote are technology specialists in the provision of high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF), plasma, organic, ceramic, and polymer coatings. Ion-plasma Nitriding of Machines and Tools Parts Instrumental Steels. 1 Set (Min. The MICROPULS® technology developed by RÜBIG is utilized in RÜBIG systems to perform plasma nitriding processes in premium quality. Reductions in the quality of workpieces due to previous treatments such as rolling, bending, welding, etc can be revoked by means of annealing. We provide you with a wide range of services when it come to steel as a material from case and vacuum hardening to gas and plasma nitriding. It is an extension of conventional nitriding process, utilizing plasma discharge physic to diffuse nitrogen into the surface of a ferrous alloy. • Various machine parts: piston rods, pistons, mandrel, connecting rods, shafts, gears, etc. : +49 2401 8097-0 MICROPULSR EVEREST allows RUBIG customers to benefit from PLASNIT®, PLASNIT® C and PLASOX® processes. Learn more about our R&D Department here! We cover industries such as automotive and job-shop heat treatment right up to aerospace and wind energy. nitride or the formation of a compound layer). The formation of a compound layer is prevented. The RÜBIG Die Forge offers turning, drilling, milling, cutting and grinding and automatic workpiece measurement services. We have implemented everything – heights from 0.5 to 6 m, diameters from 0.45 to 6 m and component weights from 2 g to 40 t. All systems are offered as standard systems at 20 cm diameter 25 cm height. Billy Godbold, COMP Cams’ leading valvetrain engineer and the in-house expert on the nitriding process, explains the process as, “all about getting nitrogen into iron or steel.” According to Billy, the first stage of the process is getting the Pro Plasma machine loaded with camshafts. Ion nitriding is a plasma technique that helps create resistance, i.e. Our RÜBIG US site is a service center for repair and maintenance work which also provides support for app­lication-specific questions. Linch Pins produced by the RÜBIG Die forge are durabile and safe due to innovative shape of the closing mechanisms. Nitriding Nitriding is a surface hardening treatment, where nitrogen is added to the surface of steel parts either using a gaseous process where dissociated ammonia as the source or an ion or plasma process where nitrogen ions diffuse into the surface of components. Quality attributes include the internal coating and thick layers. Our specialists leave no quest­ions unanswered. What is plasma nitriding? Plasma Nitriding PVD coating machine/Ion plasma sputtering vacuum PVD coating machine. It is shown, that argon existing in saturated medium … 91.2% Response Rate. Stable evaporation of titanium occurs only when the power density of electrons heating the liquid titanium does not exceed ~500 W/cm2. Every customer has different wishes and requirements. Learn more here! Plasma nitriding enjoys numerous applications in high tech industrial component fabrication environments. Contact Supplier. Plasma nitriding/nitrocarburising is a modern thermochemical treatment, which is carried out in a mixture of nitrogen, hydrogen and an optional carbon spending gas. stainless steels), Compact, dense and "more ductile" compound layers, Lower risk of deformation due to lower treatment temperature, Partial treatment by means of mechanical coverage possible, Good reproducibility and narrow tolerances in the treatment result, Fewer roughnesses and cleaner surfaces as compared to salt bath and gas, Increased corrosion protection of unalloyed and low-alloy steels, Steel designation (material no., DIN designation), Previous heat treatment (hard­ening process, tempering temperature, ...), Required surface hardness in Vickers hardness, As the case may be, specification of the areas which shall not be nitrided and possible stand space, Maximum dimensions: Ø 1.500mmx2.400mm depth. Your plant is fully erected at our headquarters and put through its paces, regardless of its size. Plasma nitriding is the technological peak of the nitriding procedure and provides considerable advantages as compared to the salt bath and gas nitriding. Under vacuum and through the application of a bias voltage, the Nitrogen and Hydrogen gas molecules become ionized and begin to react with the iron of the part to develop a hard nitrided zone (visible as glowing). D-52499 Baesweiler Get in touch with us! Download contact persons & furnace sizes datasheets. Abstract: Here introduced features of formation diffusion bond during ion nitriding in glow discharge plasma in gaseous mediums (mixture of nitrogen and argon). Plasma nitriding This is a plasma supported process for the chemical modification of the metal surface by introduction of nitrogen and possibly carbon at temperatures in the range between 400 and 600 °C. More than 20 years of experience have gone into RÜBIG’s gas nitriding systems. Three characteristic case histories demonstrate the main features of plasma nitriding technology; process parameters have to be experimented for every part and/or every … We will be pleased to advise you, whether regarding the steel se­lection or application-oriented surface treatment - we would be pleased to assist you. PLASNIT® is an environ­mentally friendly option with improved corrosion properties that ensures highest reproducibility with narrow tolerances. Eltropuls Electric Plasma Ion Nitriding Furnace Stock #: C-0083 Manufacturer: Eltropuls Type: Electric Plasma Ion Nitriding Furnace Maximum Temperature: 1022ºF (550ºC) Nitriding Retort Dimensions: 56” diameter x 80” high Maximum Charge Weight: 11,000 pounds (5,000 kilograms) More details . PLASOX® is the abbreviation for plasma and oxidation and refers to our PLASNIT® processes with subsequent oxidation. Basic technological advantage of the method is the low temperature at which the process takes place resulting in negligible volume deformations. The result of the plasma nitriding or plasma nitrocarburising process is increased surface hardness and wear resistance, lower wear coefficient, increased fatigue resistant, ductility, increased corrosion resistant, resulting with many times increased tool life of the machine parts or tools. US $80000 / Set. Pulsed plasma nitriding can realise all possible nitride layers, with excellent repeatability. During plasma nitriding, in a vacuum at a temperature between 350 °C and 600 °C, in the presence of nitrogen and electric field, a plasma of accelerated atoms develops which collide against steel surface at a very high speed. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding our PLASNIT® processes. The changeover occurs automatically when the process has finished. The Versa-Lift is a unique forklift in which the frame extends in order to achieve greater capacities and is equipped with a removable hydraulic boom. Cold-wall furnaces use exclusively the plasma energy absorbed by the parts for heating, whereas hot … Order) Guangdong Huicheng Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. CN 13 YRS. Plasma nitriding can be further branched out into plasma nitrocarburising. Plasma nitriding, also known as ion nitriding, plasma ion nitriding or glow-discharge nitriding, is an industrial surface hardening treatment for metallic materials. Wide variety of steel grades, including austenitic stainless, maraging and precipitation hardening. Plasma nitriding This is an industrial surface hardening treatment for all kinds of steel. Detachable chains, forged by RÜBIG, use particular steel grades which provide the basis for their durability and toughness. Thus it can metallize the plastic surface of the base material, mobile phone shell, etc. Plasma Nitriding System - MICROPULS® Everest. The nitriding of machine parts immersed in the plasma of glow coatings have been studied, and the study results are presented. Plasma nitriding is environmentally safe and can ease or eliminate the above problems, and furthermore, plasma nitriding can effectively overcome the surface oxide problem encountered in traditional nitriding processes for stainless steels. Plasma nitriding is done in a vacuum chamber which serves as the anode with the part to be nitrided, a crankshaft, serving as the cathode. Plasma nitriding/nitrocarburising is a modern thermochemical treatment which is carried out in a mixture of nitrogen, hydrogen and an optional carbon spending gas. We offer different aluminium states such as T4, T5, T6, T7 with different quenching options (e.g. Click here to view our videos! Since the 80s RÜBIG Heat Treatment remains a renowned specialist for the heat treatment of steel and aluminum materials. A glow discharge with a high ionisation level (plasma) is generated around the parts. Wear tests were done with stainless steel Gracey scaler, sonic apparatus and pin-on-disc machine. Plasma Nitriding Applications. machines, and press brakes. Operation of the first generation machine is carried out manually. Plasma Nitriding machine Low cost Plasma Nitriding HPPN – High Pulsed Plasma Nitriding HPPN nitriding is a very low cost effective way to improve fatigue resistance, resistance on … Sep 5, 2019 - Advanced Nitriding Solutions is a commercial ion plasma nitriding company with a new facility in Indiana, serving the United States, Canada, and North America. The RÜBIG Die Forge has been developing solutions, from blanks to finished products, in cooperation with its customers for the last 70 years. A few years industrial practice has shown not only a technical improvement, but also a considerable economic efficiency. Compound layer free for the highest fatigue resistance, and also for parts which are to be subsequently coated. Due to the low treatment tempera­ture, the risk of deformation is negligible. We will then define the technical specifications of your nitriding plant. Under our brand name PLASNIT®, we offer our customers highly de­veloped plasma nitriding heat treatments for a wide range of steel types. Plasma processing may be successfully applied in the treatment of textile machine components. However, there are few reports on the nitriding of Ti-Nb alloy systems or the martensite structure of titanium alloys. Due to the large variability of the process control, the steel charac­ter­istics, the customer demands and the restrictions posed by the re­spective pre-treatment can be con­sidered during plasma nit­riding in a very good manner. Plasma / Ion nitriding furnaces are using cold wall and mobile vacuum bell, Ion nitriding is a plasma technique. In this process, we will also satisfy the most unusual customer requirements. Tel. In this low pressure process, a voltage is applied between the batch and the furnace wall. Inno­vations such as PLAPOL help continue to advance PLASNIT® treatments. Built upon this competence and backed by a customer-driven service, the company provides a vast array of surface technology coating solutions to suit your specific needs. ITS is more diversified than most to handle these strategic projects due in part to their four Versa-Lifts. Your nitriding plant will only be assembled in your factory hall once it has passed a trial run with flying colours. Compare. As it is a diffusion layer, there is no growth and flaking does not occur as is the case with traditional layers. DLC Coating System - MICROPULS® Diamond Xtended. Nitriding in pulse glowing discharge (PLASMA nitriding) is an efficient method to increase hardness and wear-resistance of metals and alloys. Logo And Identity. In plasma nitriding, the reactivity of the nitriding media is not due to the temperature but to the gas ionized state. With this targeted post-oxidation, an oxide layer is embedded in the compound layer which results in an improvement of the slip charact­eristics and the corrosion resistance. The nitriding cast depth, the surface hardness and the compound layer thickness can be well achieved over a broad range of the steels. Thus, PLAPOL is ideally suited for tools made of tool steels whose tempering temperature is above 400°C (e.g. Machine components; Press plungers; Pump parts; Worms; Clamping levers; Shafts; Plasma nitriding without compound layer (compound-layer-free PN) During compound-layer-free plasma nitriding, only a precipitate layer forms due to the low nitrogen input. Due to the PLASOX® treatment, the components become dark grey to matt black. We fulfil them. Detailed descriptions of our pro­cedures are presented in our technical data sheets that are avai­lable for download. This combination of plasma nitriding and post-oxidation can be per­formed in one process or in two individual processes. Learn more about our services! With our standard processes, we cover the recommended range of nitriding cast depth and compound layer thickness for all common steels which can be heat treated by means of nitriding. Learn more about our services! The MICROPULS® technology deve­loped by RÜBIG is utilized in RÜBIG systems to perform plasma nitriding processes in premium quality. 1.2343, 1.2311, 1.2316, 1.2083). A wide variety of ion nitriding machine options are available to you, such as local service location, key … Since plasma nitriding is normally performed at lower treat­ment temperatures, it is the heat treatment with the lowest risk of deformation. Commercially most common components are engine camshafts, engine crankshafts, and gears. Sep 5, 2019 - Advanced Nitriding Solutions is a commercial ion plasma nitriding company with a new facility in Indiana, serving the United States, Canada, and North America. The ability to harden metal surfaces selectively and uniformly offers great utility to manufacturers in a multitude of industries. We have already produced everything up to 6 m in diameter. Our quality promise is always the same: Every plant we make works reliably and precisely to deliver consistent, reproducible finishing results. Thirteen different sets of operational parameters (nitriding time, sample temperature and plasma atmosphere) were used. Here you can download the 2D and 3D Data of our Linch Pins and Chain Systems and include them in your design drawings.