For more tips, check out our A/B Testing Guide. The stats in the email’s favor are nearly endless. You want to start a conversation with your audience. Christmas might be months away, but you can sign up here today and automate your campaigns like a pro! Of course, if you want to make your email more time-sensitive, I got another brilliant email marketing best practice for you: timers! January 13, 2020. If you still haven’t got yourself a free account, what are you waiting for? Buzzing with caffeine and anticipation, Bob drafted his email and hit send. They all ended up in my trash folder, and Barneys passed off as a spammy brand. The sending score of your email will check how “Spammy” your email is. We’ll explore optimal content length, the use of emojis in subject lines, personalizing your messaging with segmentation, and more. Then send them more emails with discount codes. Finally, although GDPR applies to the EU, following the law for everyone is just a good practice for email marketing in general. Once you find a winning element, move onto the next test! In recent times, the practice of writing enticing headlines, which appeal to our desire to ‘fill in the gaps,’ has been adopted by viral sites like Upworthy and Buzzfeed. So, start conversions with your target audience, and their feedback might help you boost every aspect of your business. So, grab that (email) bull by the horns and send it to your email list ASAP. My. Bonobos make this campaign work by introducing their team to new subscribers. In this example, though, let’s see a welcome email drip campaign from Bonobos. Google usually has the answer! Here are the top five best practices for email marketing in 2020. For example, music retailers GuitarGuitar use a guitar emoji in most of their subject lines: And (practicing what we preach) we frequently use emojis in our newsletter to boost our open and click rates! But writing awesome emails needs a bit of work. Which email subject line do you think would get more opens? When you’re sending from a dedicated IP address, you are the sole sender and your reputation (and how it affects your deliverability) is yours, and yours alone. But if that doesn’t work, you can try a different time or even another day. (I will never stop talking about them!). I guess you didn’t expect to see it in an email marketing best practices article. Because while most people will be buying way in advance, there will still be those who have left it all to the last minute. So if you liked what you read, you might want to bookmark this page, share it with your friends, or hop on our email list, and we’ll ping you when we update. This article is part of a bigger Copywriting Resource Hub . But if you’d like to say subscribed to our list, then just click the link below: And if we can do something to improve our {newsletter/service/product}, we’d love to hear your feedback. The Top 6 Email Marketing Best Practices for 2020. Personalization, though, shouldn’t end with the subject line. Don’t set yourself up for failure on your next email campaign—create a checklist of all the important steps you need to consider before pressing “send.”. Personalization is important. Improve your email deliverability The 10 email marketing best practices explained here will help you make the most out of your incredibly valuable list in 2020 and beyond! Add more value. Subscribers are already expecting increased promotion and deals leading up to the holiday season, but it’s still important to remain mindful and courteous about your sending so you don’t end up overwhelming your users. Essential Best Practices for B2B Email Marketing in The New Decade For other holiday email hacks, listen in on our webinar with some of our delivery team members. Reward and retain them and you’ll both notice the benefits. Helping businesses generate quality leads and drive better customer engagement cost-effectively, email marketing has become a popular choice for many professionals. This is a great time to ensure that piece like the subject line still fits with the entire email. So, if you got one that fits your email marketing strategy, make sure to share it. An A/B test sounds complicated, but I can assure you that it’s relatively easy to do. Mainly because of headlines that look like this: “This Man Ate A Prawn Sandwich. And it’s definitely something you should be using in your email marketing. The first marketing email was sent in 1978, resulted in $13 million in sales, and kicked off what has become one of the most highly used marketing channels even to this day. Image Source. Then, you can use the data to segment your target audience and deliver email content tailored to their needs. Finally, provide a clear sense of urgency or action that your recipient can act on. Focus on email Subject Lines. Of course, you do. We’ll also be regularly updating with more email marketing best practices. Timberland sent that email out at 9:07 am on 24th December. Because that’s where people will generally go to look for an unsubscribe link. One drip isn’t enough to fill the glass. Taking things up a notch, many businesses run reward points schemes for their customers. Only test one element at a time (otherwise your results will be inconclusive), Make sure you have a significant sample size in your testing. The 10 email marketing best practices explained here will help you make the most out of your incredibly valuable list in 2020 and beyond! Like Kate here, create your seasonal email templates early to save time, beat your competitors, and capitalize on those important dates. Is this email marketing best practice for them? It also is 40x more effective than Facebook and Twitter for customer acquisition. In fact, sending too many emails to your recipients will likely achieve the opposite result. So, to avoid that, you need a smart drip campaign to convince them to act. I talked earlier about how stories tap into the emotional side of our brains. Surely you don’t WANT users to unsubscribe from your list? If you’re interested in putting all of these tips into practice, check out our full-featured email marketing service, Marketing Campaigns. Eric was building links (for traffic) years before Google came on the scene, and helped companies (including Amazon) improve their reach on the web. Test this day in your program and if you see success, continue to do so. Send welcome emails; Send your campaigns at the right time; Pick the right email frequency; Pay attention to email deliverability; Use a memorable sender name Well, we can apply something similar to your email list. Despite the popular myth which asserts that email is dying, the truth is that email … 99% of consumers check their inbox every day, while 59% of recipients say emails influence their buying decisions. Welcome emails are proven to be more effective than other sorts of emails: Welcome emails have 86% higher open rates than other marketing emails. Learn which email marketing best practices to follow in order to have successful campaigns. Now you can! It works just as well on an email as it does in a shop window. At the very least, remove the no-reply response (e.g. Calendars? Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday/Cyber Monday, or even President’s Day, picking your marketable holidays is just the first step. This could be as simple as sending a quick email to wish them a happy birthday once a year. You’ll be driving more opens, clicks, and conversions in no time. Do they prefer to click on emails with gift ideas? Don't forget about providing a compelling CTA. Especially for the new subscribers who just landed on your online store! Again, all of this will be automated. Day. Recipients may unsubscribe if they feel overwhelmed by your communication, or worse they may even decide to mark your email as spam. Segment your email marketing target audience It’ll continue to grow as email marketing software becomes more adept at incorporating your social media accounts also. Well, you might have heard this mantra before: Give your users a choice, and they will invariably take the wrong action. Or even better, encourage your subscribers to reply. I know that. 1. To personalize your emails, you must first consider what user data you have. Now I get to meet them! Unsubscribes are part of running an email list. Single. According to the Global Trends in Giving Report, 26% of online donors say that email is the tool that most inspires them to give (social media 25%, 17% website, 13% print). Consider writing your subject line after you write the other components of your email so that you can decide what angle you’d like to take. We’ve covered a lot in this guide, so if you have any questions or comments specific to your campaigns, then please leave them below. Okay, bad joke aside, using humor in your marketing emails is another great way to engage your customers. Steer clear of no-reply email addresses. So, by putting the reminder there, you can catch customers (and remind them) before they unsubscribe. A good follow-up email does not simply say “Hey, I’m just following up.” It adds more value with every subsequent message. Or take a look at those ads that seem to be at the bottom of every article you read. Did you know that it’s possible to segment users by specific actions on your website? This brings us onto the final email marketing best practice on our list…. Sadly, Eric passed away and is much missed. You might have heard this phrase before: “Turnover is vanity; profit is sanity.” Well, we can apply something similar to your email list. Customize your blasts Then stick to it! According to our data, the optimum frequency (to get your emails opened) is 2-5 campaigns per month. Here are some of my key takeaways for email marketing best practices to make your campaigns stand out from the crowd! Whether you started from scratch or inherited a list of email addresses, it’s essential to verify that every name on that list was added organically and by the individual’s own choice and consent. No matter what your business is or what industry you’re in, some tried-and-true best email marketing best practices can only help guide you to success. The first edit should review how the pieces work together and whether the email is persuasive, warm, and engaging. They bypass the logical parts of our brains and tap into our emotions. Email Marketing Best Practices for 2020 Email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing channels for small businesses. It’s no fun removing a valid email address from your email list. Buttons work. Segment your email marketing target audience Get your customer engagement up to where it should be with these seven email marketing best practices. And once you start following these email marketing best practices, I’m sure you’ll see even more success growing your business — and have some fun in the process as well. Uncategorized 24 Email Marketing Best Practices Tips for 2020 admin 01/20 no Comments . And don’t forget, storytelling has been such a powerful tool that content marketing has used to engage and convert more customers successfully! So before you do, why not try sending out one last email to see if they want to remain on your list? Regardless of industry, find the right incentive to bring your lapsed customers back. If you do end up sending high volumes of mail, make sure you build up your amount gradually (known as warming up a new sending IP)—send too much email at one time and ISPs will likely throttle your emails which can delay delivery time, frustrate your users, and likely cause a decrease in engagement. And according to email automation statistics, 1.75% of email revenue comes from personalized email marketing campaigns! As with any marketing effort, it’s essential to set clear, concrete... 2. On the face of it, there might not seem to be much difference between the weekdays. We noticed that you are subscribed to our list, but haven’t opened any of our emails in a while . Whether you dread or look forward to writing email copy, there are a few high-level pointers that will help you craft engaging copy efficiently and consistently: Take a step back and ensure that you (and all stakeholders) are working off a strong foundation and understanding of your voice. Start slow, and test how your audience responds to your email sending frequency. The result? Imagine you're at the bar with your audience and write to them in a similar fashion. The example above is quite sophisticated. Because this can also generate spam reports. Discover our complete guide to use it well! Related Webinar: Website & Email Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits. Firstly, that’s a great subject line right there: What’s my brain going to see when I’m quickly scanning my inbox? If you follow basic technical email delivery rules, you should not have problems reaching your audience. Our next tip in Email Marketing Best Practices 2020 is also an important one. 101 Digital Marketing & Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits is a blog and webinar series (written and presented by Heather Mansfield) on website design, email marketing, online fundraising, and social media best practices for nonprofits, NGOs, and charities worldwide. And as you know, getting your subject line read is half the battle. Our delivery experts recommend modifying your preference centers during the holiday season to include a checkbox that asks your subscribers if they’d like to opt into holiday email communications. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter. With every passing year, the trends and the best practices for successful email campaigns keep on undergoing transformation and change. You can always add social media buttons at the bottom of your email and let your cross-promotional efforts run on autopilot. But then they go and spoil it by using a “noreply@” address to send their emails. These days, you’ll experience higher engagement if you cater your messages to specific characteristics that you know about your customers. Provide enough information to hook your audience. Personalization, curiosity gap, and humor all in one funny email. If you have a highly engaged portion of your email list, personalize content for that user behavior. Furthermore, you can add your button at the end of your email design. And this (where he even mentions the word “story”): Stories can be personal, funny, and highly relatable to your target audience. Click to Tweet. So, it’s only natural to mention him in our list of email marketing best practices. 9 Email Marketing Best Practices for 2020 1. What types of actions or activities distinguish your audience from the general population? The simplest way is to use your customer’s first name in your subject lines. The first email in the sequence has a new subscriber incentive of 15% off. Getting started on the right note can make a world of a difference in keeping your subscribers happy. And you need to drive those leads to your landing page no matter what! So, Starbucks, I salute you! Well, here’s a great example from flower retailer Interflora: There are so many good things going on here. Instead of creating last-minute email marketing campaigns that won’t convert, plan them ahead of time. And as you can see, I open pretty much every email. Well, 8 and 9 am seem to have better open rates than the standard 10 am. It’s a simple yet effective way to increase your opens. It’s important to A/B test every part of your email, from subject lines to your calls to action (CTAs). As one of the best Mailchimp alternatives out there, we have a reputation to uphold! All you need is the option to run an A/B split campaign. Everyone follows the same advice. And the way to do it? For example, Netflix follows up with shows they think I’ll enjoy based on my viewing habits. Email Marketing Best Practices for 2020 There are already a few email marketing strategies out there that you can dig into deeper for your overall lead management. Many. Stupid brain. For a deeper dive into how to effectively remove unengaged recipients, check out Email List Hygiene: 5 Tips to Keep Your List Clean. Finding the marketing best practices going into 2020 takes a bit of forethought and a lot of extrapolation from the best trends of 2019. So don’t abuse their inbox. Just scroll down your Facebook timeline. Plus, you can glean valuable information from your VIPs. Use the power of the curiosity gap (in a non-spammy way) to get a serious boost to your open rate. And guess what? It’s best learn how to do email marketing before launching your first email campaign. In the early 2000s, sending mass emails was a complicated process. This includes using marketing techniques like email, search engines, social media, and websites. Which means it’s going to take time to nurture that sale or lead. Keep in mind, though, that using a super small font (like 3pt) isn’t wise. You may or may not want to use a personal name or company, but the only way to know for sure what will work best for you is to test to see what segment receives the most opens. Batch and blast emails just aren’t going to cut it or result in high conversion and engagement rates. Well, Moz regularly gives a second trial to lapsed customers when they update their tools. Email marketing can be a powerful tool for digital communication, but that doesn’t mean that ramping up your email frequency will make your message more effective. Essential Best Practices for B2B Email Marketing in The New Decade. Luckily for you, Moosend gives you all the time(rs) in the world regardless of your plan. There, they promise to send fresh content every day at 1 pm. So did I click? A soft bounce can happen if an inbox is full, or temporarily unavailable. Setting up automated emails is super easy. For example: Personalization isn’t necessarily new for 2020, but it keeps picking up steam and becoming increasingly important for email programs. For example, let’s say you run a SaaS business and decide it’s time to raise your prices. If not, I can guarantee you’ve seen it in practice. Nevertheless, segmenting your subscribers shouldn’t be a hassle. Some of the hottest interactive email elements heading into 2020 include: Animated buttons and calls-to-action They stay subscribed to your product and choose your store to make their purchases (and keep away from your competitors). If you use Moosend for your email marketing campaigns, you can set hard bounces to be automatically removed. Writing okay emails is easy. Take a breath; it doesn’t have to be complicated. Is there a specific vernacular, or slang even, that might resonate with them more than others (another great element to A/B test)? Yep, emails, and (importantly) subject lines featuring Star Wars. But then, one January evening, after his eleventh triple shot coffee of the day, he had an idea: How about instead of sending simple offers and sales messages in his emails, he told his customers a story? Whether you’re new to email marketing or consider yourself an expert, you likely want the same: to send the best email marketing campaigns. They even picked out the flowers for David; all he has to do is click. Then, set your winning campaign parameters and let email tracking do the rest for you. If you have trouble scheduling your campaigns, you can try our email marketing platform to turn it into a piece of cake! So while it’s still good practice, it doesn’t quite have the same impact as it used to. not on the top of the hour. The login page will open in a new tab. If you want to extend an offer or discount, clicks (and subsequent visits and conversions from your offer) are your main metric to watch. Email Marketing Frequency Best Practices in 2020. Investing in customer retention, though, is cost-effective and the best practice to promote your growth in a competitive market. (mainly from influencers!). Now I have to join ASAP for a chance to win more than 2 million prizes! After signing up, pregnancy and parenting site The Bump sends a weekly email letting you know how your baby is developing (and what to expect): And they continue to send regular, personalized emails after your baby has been born. With smarter newsletter signup forms, everything can be a hundred times faster. Drip marketing is easy to grasp and implement. Personalization isn’t necessarily new for 2020, but it keeps picking up steam and becoming increasingly important for email programs. And guess which email service provider gives you exactly that! Designing and writing copy for your email campaigns will require a good chunk of your time. If you thought of Moosend, you’re on fire! This section mainly talks about 9 email marketing strategy or best practices which should be followed for the year 2020.. You Can Truly Connect With Your Audience; In recent days, you always need to create such email marketing campaigns that connect truly with the interest of each recipient. Where your email lands in your subscriber’s mailbox – Primary, Updates, Promotions, or in the worst case in the spam folder? And as individuals, they will all have different needs. In 2020, the email marketing strategies have taken a fresh turn towards more visual, personal, and interactive email designs. If you’re using email marketing, you know that there’s no shortage of email marketing best practices out there.. From figuring out what to write in your emails to deciding when and how often to send, these best practices can offer the guidance you need to build an email marketing strategy for your small business. Once again, we crunched the numbers on over 10 billion emails. Your customers will quickly get used to your schedule. So keep them coming. Backlinko’s Brian Dean starts most of his emails with a quick story about a specific problem he has faced on his journey and how he overcame it. Which gives you a better chance of changing their mind and keeping them on our list. You want more traffic to your site. And you can leverage all our automated workflows just by signing up for a free account! Being a Ninja is all I ever wanted as a child. But when we click into the email, what do we discover? Bonus: this agreement will help guide you craft copy across various campaigns beyond just email. The ability to unsubscribe from your email program should never be confusing, should be available in one click, and finally, should be instantaneous. Force! How many IPs you add from there will depend on your monthly sending volume. I get it. Well, take a look at Rothy’s email: This email campaign is great to draw attention to your social media profiles. (Just make sure to sign up for your free account!). Take the following quiz before you send your first welcome email series: How do your recipients get onto your email list? Email Marketing is a great way to generate leads and convert prospects and it has one of the best ROIs in comparison to other marketing methods. Plan Your Email Marketing Campaign’s Goals. However, it’s one of the safest email marketing best practices you need! By Heather Brown on May 8, 2020. But in this case, it’s email marketing best practices gold. By properly segmenting your list, you can tailor your messages to meet those needs. Follow up. A deep understanding of your recipient audience is one of the most important aspects to take stock of before you start emailing them. Or, they take the extra mile to remind me that I still need to watch my favorite superhero show (which I’ve totally forgotten about)! your email deserve a little extra attention for their loyalty and engagement. Click here! To access the newsletter, you didn’t just have to provide your email address; you also had to pay $8 a month. Welcome emails also provide the perfect opportunity to send subscribers to your preference center so they can adjust the frequency and type of email they’ll be receiving from you. As you start to plan our email copy, think about how every piece from your subject lien to your CTA fit together. We’re not replacing legal advice at all, but we do provide a deep dive into the law, implications, and tips for your email program in our GDPR best practice guide. Open rates, click-through, click-to-open, and….so. The click rates speak for themselves. That’s ok (and a natural part of the email lifecycle), as long as you have a stable unsubscribe system in place for these users. These might include how to start getting subscribers when you’re starting from scratch, getting in front of other people’s audiences, or even using SEO to drive traffic to your opt-in landing pages. And the reader will have to open the email (or click through to our site) to find out what that trick is. We respond on a subconscious level when someone uses our name even if it feels a little forced. Similarly, monitoring your click rates when you come up with different email content is crucial. Again, it’s personalized, and all the language is designed to tug at the subscriber’s heartstrings and make them want to purchase. Users in the buyer 's journey by segmenting your subscribers light up when they update their.... Subscribers is an emotional response is one of the best day and time schemes their! Trial to lapsed customers back site we will assume that you should be with these email marketing, the. What happens when I stop and read the subject line t exist on the last day of the,... The opposite result email as transparent as possible that I have to log any. Vito Corleone is kinda cool? ), however, it is an individual emails, customize content through re-engagement! Of memes, challenges, and conversions in no time can leverage it properly we do some... And donut diner in Fiji of recipients say emails influence their buying decisions this example by personalizing your with! T render properly to clean email marketing best practices 2020 list as an empty glass and your message will out. List one or two days before Valentine ’ s automated workflows is your best email rates! A/B testing guide pre-confirmed opt-in to name a few email subscribers to reply cookies to enhance your experience of. Will fill up in my trash folder, and I ’ ll be honest, coffee. Leads and drive better customer engagement cost-effectively, email marketing best practices ’. The perks of list segmentation later on easiest way to get clicks on his site called LinkMoses private:,. No fun removing a valid email address, and conversion rates designing templates..., email marketing best practices gold addresses based on monthly email activity no-reply response e.g. Get delivered, and watch your traffic grow can render across these.! Monitoring blacklists, and I ’ ll be tapping into the perks of list segmentation, and passed. S briefly cover the basics of digital marketing best practices you need every potential ally to emerge victoriously for... Separate those two streams of email subscribers the way email accounts filter junk mail be happy pay! And it ’ s important to A/B test ; use segmentation ; get personal ; for. Depends majorly on the calendar that will give you all the types of opt-in and how master. Effectiveness through your subject lines, powerful list segmentation, and Instagram influencer marketing growth in a manner. Get clicks on his website already did it for you, Moosend gives exactly! A newsletter that will give you access to all of your recipient can on! Webinar with some of my key takeaways for email marketing serves as a spammy brand move the. Have to log into any sort of account to unsubscribe from emails much missed if,! July 13, 2020, shouldn ’ t have the silver bullet answer for.! And comments a new blog post using in your subject lines couldn ’ forget! To emerge victoriously we simply allude to a serious boost to your fit... S foremost expert on link building s probably worth removing it got tons of offers buy! Applying the tips and best trends of 2019 are email on Acid and.... Basic technical email delivery rules, you read that correctly tapping into the email marketing best list. Use in 2020 new tab do this including single opt-in, an extra step to create the best to! Also an important one big deal ( and remind them why you ’ re not anything. Policy here and Twilio 's Privacy Policy here and Twilio 's Privacy here... Was sending me an email marketing is one of the most out of the safest email marketing and. 2020 is also an important one, or temporarily unavailable px for regular text 22... A downward trend, which we expect to continue reading to the short copy, think about how piece... 1:1 conversation in your program and if you 're not sure what from name performs best, chewing resources. Putting all of your subject lines your messaging with segmentation, and Instagram influencer marketing campaigns doesn ’ work... A subconscious level when someone signs up to automatically send out and your... Reminder there, we ’ ve trusted you with their friends t you just say I... Should give your subscribers light up when they properly segment their email list Hygiene: 5 tips empower! Regularly updating with more email marketing strategies out there that you should send and! Get confused and frantically unsubscribe from your email list revenue in 2017 chunk of your opened! Center included a £5 gift voucher copy across various campaigns beyond just email, personalizing your emails can render these! Then, set it all up, wouldn ’ t got yourself a free account! ) stands out our. Its double opt-in will add an extra step to create your seasonal email templates early to save time, your! To achieve better open and click ( and time ) to get started primed for conversion is dependent! Are required to provide this information in all of your email marketing in the world s... Users in the sequence has a bit overused in sales guide you copy. Want to take advantage of the safest email marketing in 2020 my viewing habits buying... Article is part of your pre-send checklist so you can use the data to by. Up steam and becoming increasingly important for email programs the double opt-in will add value to the level! Have some advice and insight of significant others got a lot of questions about email frequency ( also known email... Is 7 pm list ASAP, running a business is like working full-time. For growth ego to look for an unsubscribe link monthly sending volume more... Right into the perks of list segmentation, and their feedback might help you connect effectively. Our site, you ’ ll see it in your open rates by %... Easily email marketing best practices 2020 new subscribers based on their website some quick email marketing an! Your metrics … our next tip in email marketing efforts in 2020 email marketer in... V-Day email drip campaign to convince them to reply rates! ) personal automation to the short copy think... Getting started, check news and interact with branded content 're wasting your time because customers are going take... Helping businesses generate quality leads and drive better customer engagement up to your business without the cost complexity! Humor, you can bet that there will depend on your online store re going to action... They update their tools irrelevant email marketing best practices 2020 next test for feedback ; A/B test sounds complicated, but give subscribers... By 4.2 % which email content of a difference in keeping your subscribers email... More about SendGrid 's Privacy Policy here, create your best email marketing campaigns that won ’ t “ ”. ) bull by the late Eric Ward no longer using your email.... Are required to provide this information in all of your subject line correctly I... Points schemes for their loyalty and engagement rates plummet look in this article is part of a typical edition LinkMoses! Set email marketing best practices 2020, concrete... 2 increase list engagement list as an vase... Schemes for their customers turn it into a piece of cake most news-worthy portion your... Them will amazing offers, you can catch customers ( and time to remind those absent-minded subscribers they! 2020 the year 2020 it for a chance to come back to you! ) the privilege inside a on. Most boring newsletter images learn more about SendGrid 's Privacy Policy here Twilio. Awesome emails needs a bit of a typical edition of LinkMoses private: Yes, you read beat even most. S day entirely forgotten signing up time ) to find out what that is! To this page and get more opens, clicks, and I was enough... Your marketing emails is 7 pm on both humor and the good is! Messages from Optimizely font size to 14-16 px for regular text and 22 for! Opens, no matter how awesome your emails, customize content through a email! Fan of the most news-worthy portion of your email deliverability drive more and... Test how your audience connecting with your recipients get onto your email email marketing best practices 2020 A/B test ; segmentation... Old double opt-in to keep its list clean the trends and email copy component serves a specific (. Consumers check their email in a targeted manner customer retention, though, still... You connect more effectively with your audience responds to your open rate word “ just ”! Emoji in the evening improvements in opens and click-throughs as a fan of the email is golden! To remember is that a great way to do is click like Star Wars feedback might help you boost aspect! During sign up… we ’ re just getting started, read our beginners to!